Hsiang Iris Chyi & Dominic L. Lasorsa

Chyi, H. I. & Lasorsa, D. (2002). An explorative study on the market relation between online and print newspapers. Journal of Media Economics, 15(2), 91-106.

Chyi, H. I. & Lasorsa, D. (2006). The market relation between online and print newspapers: The case of Austin, Texas. In X. Li (Ed.) Internet newspapers: Making of a mainstream medium. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.


A random-sample telephone survey was conducted in Austin, Texas to investigate the public’s response to local, regional, and national newspapers’ print and online editions. Results showed that the local daily attained higher penetrations than national and regional newspapers in both online and print formats. The overlap between online and print readerships across all the six newspapers — especially the local daily — calls for the need for further investigation on this seemingly complementary product relation. In addition, print penetrations were not reduced among Web users. Readers of a particular newspaper’s online edition were more — not less — likely to read that same newspaper’s print edition. The print format was preferred — even among Web users — when compared with the online edition, other things being equal.

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